How To Wear Animal Print

How To Wear Animal Print

One of the hottest trends this season is - Animal Print.

We’ve seen it running in packs on the streets, swimming in stores and ultimately like most of my client’s usually say, it’s a bit of a crowd favourite!

I’ve teamed up with an incredible online platform called ShopShareTv where as a stylist I can educate, source and inspire you with amazing items available at the click of your fingers.

This is going to change the way you see and consume my blog post content and rather then scrolling and reading as most of us are time poor, I will be able to guide you through various topics, keep styling advice fun, seamless so you can sit back relax and allow me to find the hottest items trending, give you personal styling advice in the comfort of your home, car or bus ride to work and of course a taste of my fashion humour! **insert lol hereAn extremely exciting new space!

In this Shop Cast I will be taking you through various ways you can inject the animal print right now starting from just $39.95 and into your wardrobe and every day life!

So sit down, grab a coffee or a glass of wine or morning coffee and enjoy!

Yours in fashion & style

K x