Brisbane Styling Masterclasses & Events


‘Knowledge is power and power is in the knowledge we have.’

Styling Masterclasses are a great way to engage in professional styling insights in an intimate, group learning environment where you will be able to walk away confident with newly learnt skills and ready to integrate these into your personal style everyday.

Masterclasses are also a great way to engage and dip your toe in the world of style and also get a better understanding of the fashion and a great way to meet new people!

Upcoming Brisbane Styling Masterclass

I’m excited to announce the next Styling Masterclass will be on Saturday 7th September 2019 at The Calile Hotel.

To find out how you can secure your spot and learn more.

Kerrie’s Styling Masterclass was incredible! I learned so much about my own personal style and have found myself referring back to the knowledge every time I go shopping now - it has made me much more confident with my buying decisions!

I would recommend this experience to women of any age, lifestyle, or budget - the knowledge she shared covered all factors and was incredibly well rounded to empower everyone to have great style!
— Isobel Dear

Corporate Styling Masterclasses

Whether you are a large corporation, small brand or looking at integrating elements of professional development into the culture of your workplace, corporate styling masterclasses can be an integral part of your business. The elements of human behaviour that curate emphasis on what we wear, how we wear it and why we wear it is one part of the service that Kerrie is passionate about. She is focused on providing carefully curated content to allow knowledge for attendees to feel well-dressed, confident and empowered every single day and in turn being the best version to represent the business.

Styling Events

Styling segments and curated content can be an incredible addition to an event you may be holding or a great integration to elevate the value that attendees can take away.

In my capacity as the Careers & Employment Adviser for the Faculty of Law at QUT, Kerrie delivered an informative, supremely accurate and timely series of information and inspiration for our law students who were embarking on their Vacation Clerkship interviews.

Thank you so much for your commitment to this; you nailed the brief and the students loved it!
— Lee Moy

If you’re looking to integrate a styling masterclass into your business, for your employees, with a group of friends or prehaps a career dvelopment initiative, then contact me for your upcoming event.

I look forward to collaborating and creating your very own masterclass.