Years in the Making - Stradbroke Day Memoir

Years in the Making - Stradbroke Day Memoir

As a stylist, I commonly get asked what makes the perfect outfit, for both on and off the track. Now I can admit, before truly understanding the essence of my own personal style and becoming a stylist, I would spend countless hours researching the latest 'fashion pieces', on trend looks, look to past winners for inspiration and integrate wild and adventurous ideas to push the boundaries for my next fashions on the field outfit. (my poor mum)

I'm sure, those of you who are frequent participants in the 'sport of racing fashion and fashions on the field' can agree that it is truly exhausting and a 'tizz worthy situation' for yourself when you're throwing around extreme concepts and silhouettes; from full to pencil skirt - statement sleeve to none at all.
Though what truly makes a perfect outfit for someone is more then just fashion, trends or an exuberant designer label; it's having a personal style & outfit combination that is uniquely you.  


A few words from an incredible quote by one of the most inspiring fashion individuals that I have seen and admire, Iris Apfel -

‘Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which sometimes takes years. Though it’s about self-expression and above all attitude. ‘

Your style is something that you develop, embellish and possess as time passes and you move through life. It is a direct correlation to the balance between finding a component of self-expression you are comfortable with, have fun with and ultimately have an attitude that surpasses perspective onlookers opinions.

Celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson, often refers to this moment for someone as 'really feeling it'.



My outfit for Brisbane Racing Club Tab Stradbroke Day was a pinnacle moment of fashionable self-expression and confidence in the essence of my true personal style - Feminine, elegant, classic yet simplistic. 

Inspired by elements from the 1980's, street style trends, Prada's incredible Spring Summer collection and the new uptake of how 3D headbands have been worn from brunch through to monumental events, I had a very clear and distinct vision of the design, concept and elements of inspiration. 

Armed with sketches, screenshots and a mood board, together with my incredibly talented mum, who is also the owner/dressmaker of her own small fashion label Milva Carucci Designs, we collated my ideas. With over 1700 kms between us (thank gosh for technology), she was able to do what she does best with her valued clients;  interpret a practical approach from the inspiration and aligning a design, fabric and fit that is uniquely them with true reinforcement from her immense dressmaking wisdom.

 It was there in amongst the fabric collection sourced in her travels, was the standout houndstooth piece that was. Highlighting the perfect on theme composition of black and white and enough flow to create the silhouette of my idea, this statement fabric would become the hero of this outfit. 

Working her magic, following facetime sessions, photo messages my incredible mum worked her magic and the finished dress arrived via my postman who I have formed a strong professional understanding with! In the midst of planning the dress I had purchased a gorgeous, feminine black felt 3D headband embellished with pearls and Swarovski crystals from Brisbane Milliner, Martina McGrath. It was the simplicity, classic shape, workmanship and nod to the Prada-inspired silhouette that drew me in. This was a shape hadn’t worn before though it was something that I felt allowed the dress to make it’s own statement.


KerrieCarucci _StradbrokeDay2019_TaylorKezia.jpg
KerrieCarucci _StradbrokeDay2019_TaylorKezia.jpg

Finalising the outfit with a touch of red, added in from a few existing wardrobe staples including a previous season heart-shaped bag from Zara, shimmer fur heels and pearl based accessories & belt all current season Zara, followed by the positive reinforcment the night before from my good friend and fellow stylist Bianca who flew in from Melbourne for the weekend,  we were ready for the last day of Winter Carnival. 

With the finishing touches and polished elegance added by the talented makeup and hair extraordinaire Alarna Taylor, we arrived trackside with slightly grim weather to a fashionable sea of black, white and a touch of red.



I was absolutely elated to receive a sash for 1st Runner Up on the basis on the 'simplicity and refrained styling' amongst a fierce field of beautifully styled and executed outfits. If you were fortunate enough to catch that footage on my instastories you will know what I’m talking about! #shocked

Thank you again to the incredible judges including model Jesinta Franklin, stylist Annabel Falco and milliner Pam Cameron, Brisbane Racing Club,  Westfield Chermside and all the sponsors for the amazing prizes and what was an incredible day! 

With both winner and second runner up of Best Dressed Women’s sash winners Bek & Courtney

With both winner and second runner up of Best Dressed Women’s sash winners Bek & Courtney

Image credits - Taylor Kezia & Brisbane Racing Club