Frequently Asked Questions


1. So I have a bit of an idea of what a personal stylist does, though how will working with a stylist help me?

Working with a personal stylist allows you to gain invaluable knowledge from an expert who’s skills are to give you insights and tools which allow you to flatter your body shape and portray the visual representation of how it is you want to be perceived. By identifying key items or staple pieces to have in your wardrobe and identifing any gaps allows a reference point to know what to look for when out shopping and where to go to enable you to create an array of incredible outfits!

Ultimately by arming you with a multitude of options that fit your personal style will not only save you time and money, though instead of shopping, searching and integrating the wrong items for your personal style, a stylist will impart this insightful knowledge to allow you to make conscious choices that visually represent you and the person you truly are!

2. What exactly is a style consultation?

A style consultation with Kerrie is a truly a conversation like no other. Over a coffee, you and Kerrie will sit down down, discuss your requirements and really get an understanding of the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve and discover the insights around your personal style. This is a really organic way for us both to build connection and form a relationship that allows you to be supported in your exciting and stylish new path!

3. What is The Pre Shop?

Before we undertake a personal shopping session together, following the outcome of the style consultation and/or the wardrobe edit, with all the knowledge in mind Kerrie will use her amazing relationships with retailers to ensure you have an incredible and personalised shopping experience together. Hitting the pavement she will collect a range of items to fill the current wardrobe gaps that were found and also introduce you to incredible new pieces that will fit, flatter and elevate your style to achieve your personal outcome!  

This process is crucial in ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience for you though also ensures that time is optimised with all the best possible choices.

4. When should I hire a Personal Stylist?

Well there is no time like the present! If you feel like you need clarity in your daily chaos, find some inner confidence, reassurance or a TOTAL transformation then working with Kerrie will allow you to feel empowered, confident and the best version of you every single day. Start a conversation today that could truly change your life.

5. When out shopping, who pays for the clothing and what is an ideal budget?

When out shopping it your (the client’s) responsibility to pay for the new clothing you wish to purchase. As the budget is set by the you during the style consultation, it is Kerrie’s job to ensure amazing outfit options are created to work with your personal style, budget and personal outcomes.

With the main focus really being about providing invaluable education and empowered learnings to building your shopping skills so you can confidently shop and dress for yourself in the future.

6. Does your styling client demographic include plus size? 

Absolutely! Kerrie’s client demographic includes both male and female clients range from sizes 4 to 24.

The number on the tag isn’t a representation of how Kerrie sees or assesses each garment. Ultimately, in her eye’s the most important factor is how it makes her client feel and how it fits.

7. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, upon request together we can chat about options that suit your needs.

8. What is Personalised Digital Look Book/Style Summary Video and Garment Care Guide?

Following your session, you will receive a style summary of the newly styled looks that were created so you have a ‘digital look book’ and ShopShare TV video link that you can look back to be used anytime at your , any place to provide reference to your wardrobe allowing you to feel confident in your outfit choices everyday. Including will also be a garment care guide to ensure that all your newly purchased items are looked after and stored correctly.

9. What if I don’t live in the Brisbane area, do you travel or service interstate clients?

With incredible tool technology provides, this allows Kerrie to conduct style consultations for those situated outside of the Brisbane metro area can be conducted via Skype or over the phone. Upon request, Kerrie does also travel interstate to undertake sessions with clients however a travel fee may apply and this will need to be discussed on an individual basis.

10. Do you have gift vouchers available for your services?

Yes, gift certificates are available for any of the services as an entire package or for a nominated amount. Please contact Kerrie for further details.


Still have some burning questions? Then please get in touch, I would love to answer them!